Playground of Elves, Zhangjiajie

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIt is one of the most famous travel cities in China and is located in the center of the Uing Mountains.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAZhangjiajie was the first national forest park in China in September 1982 with an excellent natural landscape.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA“100 Places to see before you die” Zhangjiajie is a famous Chinese landmark to see before dying.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe mureungwon refers to a wide area including Zhangjiajie, Zhujiajian, Tantai Mountain and Yangtze River Scenic Area.










1 Playground of Elves, Zhangjiajie - If You are Angry Now




They should live and remember them [22]

They should live and remember them after the loss

Occasionally, in the case of elderly couples, when a spouse dies, the other spouse dies right after that. In most of the cases, it is because once one spouse leaves, the other who’s left behind cannot take life alone. If we think about this solely from the perspective of love, if they love their partner so much, they should live and remember them after the loss. That is for the loved ones. However, they cannot do it but choose to die, because they cannot deal with the pain of loss and the loneliness that they must go through.

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3 In the case of elderly couples - If You are Angry Now

I cannot live without you [21]


When people lose their spouses and are left all by themselves, they usually say this while wailing,“How should I live now? I cannot live without you.”
The wailing might represent how much they loved “you,”but in fact, the essence of these sayings is not about “you” but about “me.”What I am sad about is not you who lost your life, but me who lost you. I am sad about myself who has to live in the world without you, feeling the pain of loss. Here, the subject who is feeling the sorrow is me rather than “you” who is dead. Therefore, people say that the funeral is not for the dead but a ritual to console the living.

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Guilt for not having been good to them [19]


Death of a spouse and sorrow. When we realize the fact that our spouses are dead, we fall into an deep sorrow. However, what is this sorrow about? It’s hard to admit, but we feel sorrowful about ourselves, who are feeling pain of loss. Of course, the heart of mourning for the dead is present. How can we not feel sorry about the death of our loved ones? However, the feeling that comes more strongly than the sympathy for the spouse is my pain. I feel sad about my loneliness and myself, who has to live alone without the spouse. The feeling of loss from the absence of a spouse, the economic hardship, and the guilt for not having been good to them, these are the pains that one has to endure.

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What is this sorrow about? [18]


When we actually talk to people who just lost their families in accidents, we get to know the essence of the pain that they feel. Those who hear about their spouse’s accidents usually have a severe psychological shock. At first, they cannot accept the fact and when they eventually realize the fact that their spouses are dead, they fall into an intolerable sorrow. However, what is this sorrow about? We might think that we feel sorrowful about the death of our loved ones, but in fact, we feel sorrowful about ourselves, who are feeling
pain of loss.

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Whichever pain that is [17]


Pain of loss. Though the pain might vary depending on the relationship, whichever pain that is, the one in the center of the pain is you. Some might fear loss and others might fear loneliness. Still others might fear economic loss. Though fears are different, the commonality is “the concern about the wounded ego.” We are worried about our pain
more than others’ pain.

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What we actually love is ourselves full of satisfaction [16]


We say we love another but what we actually love is ourselves full of satisfaction. If you have someone that you love now, imagine the situation that you lose the person in a sudden accident. We hope that that does not happen, but if such a misfortune happens, of what would you be most afraid? Isn’t it “my pain” from losing my love? Isn’t it such a terrible pain that you might feel as if you fell into hell?

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I love myself loving you [15]


“I love (myself loving) you.” The words hidden in the fog of unconsciousness are “myself loving.” When we say, “I love you,” the one that we really love is not others called “you,” but “myself loving you.” I love myself falling in the happiness of loving you, my desire trying to accomplish from you, the sexual thrill that I have with you and the sublime beauty that I feel by loving you.

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