What is this sorrow about? [18]


When we actually talk to people who just lost their families in accidents, we get to know the essence of the pain that they feel. Those who hear about their spouse’s accidents usually have a severe psychological shock. At first, they cannot accept the fact and when they eventually realize the fact that their spouses are dead, they fall into an intolerable sorrow. However, what is this sorrow about? We might think that we feel sorrowful about the death of our loved ones, but in fact, we feel sorrowful about ourselves, who are feeling
pain of loss.

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He was absolutely against her dancing salsa [3]


Compared to throwing his life, it would be considered very minor to allow her to do what she wanted to do. However, he had no intention to set her free. I could have guessed why he was absolutely against her dancing salsa. Probably, he was worried about other men flirting with her. However, he did not say he could even die for her because he loved her so much?

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Day of the Dead has spread around the world

day-of-the-dead1Dia de los Muertos(Day of the Dead) is a major celebration that originated in Mexico and has spread around the world.

day-of-the-dead2Dia de los Muertos(Day of the Dead) is officially on November second. However celebrations begin as early as October 31.

day-of-the-dead3Dia de los Muertos(Day of the Dead) is celebrated with music, plays and other forms of entertainment dedicated to the memories of the departed family.